& spices
born out of
streets, jungles,
and moors.


BLACK rangpur salt

La Sierra black mandarin lime, hand-harvested Pacific Flake salt, chive blossoms.

jungle curry

Mandarin lime leaf powder, ginger, turmeric, galangal, smoked chili, cumin and culantro seeds, wild ginger flower.
FLOR is a collection of limited edition products that are crafted from the edges of the food system.

FLOR was born out of the desire to explore our relationship with the plants that surround us and honour the teachings of those who maintain a close bond with them. From the wild garlic in the streets of Venice, to the flowers of Sierra Nevada in Colombia, we explore geography and culture to craft easy-to-use salts and spices that add beauty and flavor to any meal.

Unlike commercial products, wild edibles are only available for a short period of time, with two of each rarely tasting the same. Each of them carries what feels like an incredible infinity of flavors, a distinct mix born out of the uniqueness of the soil, the topography of the landscape, the favour of the plants that surround them, and the climate that nourishes them.

We hope each
sprinkle invites a spirit
that celebrates the
ultimate limited-edition:
our planet.

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